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The changelog is a record of changes to the DeepVA software.

16. Jun 2021

  • Fixing an issue where Dataset Evaluation was failing for large datasets

04. Jun 2021

  • Management of index collections
  • UI improvements
  • Sorting for number of images per class added
  • Small performance improvements on storage level
  • Face Recognition: +1k identities added to our pre-trained model
  • Object & Scene Recognition: Improved model 'general-c' added
  • Landmark Recognition: Improved model 'general-b' added
  • Improved performance for Dataset Evaluation
  • Minor bugfixes

12. Feb 2021

  • UI improvements
  • Small bugfixes on face recognition result visualization

01. Feb 2021

  • Thumbnails added to Face Recognition result
  • Indexing of unknown identities for Face Recognition added (See module parameters)
  • Showing Diversity Analysis chart on module result and dataset level

20. Nov 2020

  • The Help Center is now available with some tutorial videos
  • Performance improvements for operations on datasets
  • New Visual Mining Module: Aspect Ratio Detection
  • Mining Module Gender Neutrality Estimation renamed into Diversity Analysis since it has a new ability to detect the age as well (Module ID has changed to diversity_analysis).
  • Bugfixes and improvements for Dataset Evaluation

29. Oct 2020

  • Hotfix: Broken video player for videos on DeepVA Storage

23. Oct 2020

  • UI Job page re-designed
  • Dataset Evaluation available to check the quality of your datasets (see FAQ)
  • Support of MOV (QuickTime) video format added
  • Class page loading time improved
  • Minor bugfixes

28. Aug 2020

  • UI Dataset, Class and Image page re-designed
  • Page loading time improvements
  • Several bugfixes

14. Aug 2020

11. Aug 2020

  • List of Detections added to DetailedResult resource (enable the user to get bounding-boxes of a face when applying Face Recognition)
  • Support of MXF video format added
  • Support of M3U8 stream URLs added
  • Landmark Recognition: Europe + North America pre-trained model released (general)

10. Jul 2020

29. May 2020

  • Model versioning
  • UI Model page re-designed
  • Multi-file upload feature added

15. Apr 2020

  • New Visual Mining Module: Landmark Recognition offering the possibility to identify all important sights, architectural structures and natural monuments across the world

28. Apr 2020

  • Video player for job result added

01. Apr 2020

  • Custom training of Face Recognition models
  • Dataset management via UI
  • New Visual Mining Module: Gender Neutrality Estimation offering the possibility to determine the percentage of gender occurrence in images or videos. Ensure your desired ratio between male and female in any content.