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ModelVersion Object

The ModelVersion is part of the Model resource and refers to a version of a specific model.

Every training is adding a version to the model.

During Visual Mining you can specify the version of the model by passing my_model==2 as model name for pointing to the 2nd version of the model. If the model name is passed without the == postfix it is pointing to the latest version (default behavior).


Name Type Description
version_number number The number of this version (increment starting from 1)
time_created string Time of training of this version (ISO Time String)
changelog string Custom text describing what have changed. Can be defined by the user.
source_dataset Dataset object The Dataset that this version belongs to


  "version_number": 1,
  "time_created": "2020-01-01 00:00:00.786000",
  "changelog": "Initial training",
  "source_dataset": {
    "id": "812ad5e6-5e65-4de4-a02a-0484072047b0",
    "name": "Team",
    "description": "This is the DeepVA team dataset",
    "type": "face",
    "time_created": "2020-02-20 17:54:06.854000",
    "time_updated": "2020-02-20 17:54:06.854000",
    "number_of_classes": 7,
    "number_of_active_classes": 7,
    "number_of_images": 4,
    "number_of_active_images": 4,
    "preview_images": [
    "evaluation_result": {}