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Batch Resource


This is an object representing a collection of mining jobs that is to be processed by DeepVA.

You can retrieve it to see the information of a batch. When deleting a batch, all the jobs belonging to the batch are deleted as well.

Figure 1: Example of a batch hierarchy. One can create a hierarchy of batches and sub-batches by using the parent attribute of a batch.

GET /v1/batches/

GET /v1/batches/{BATCH_ID}/

GET /v1/batches/{BATCH_ID}/sub-batches/

GET /v1/batches/{BATCH_ID}/jobs/

POST /v1/batches/

POST /v1/batches/files/

POST /v1/batches/{BATCH_ID}/report/

PUT /v1/batches/

DELETE /v1/batches/{BATCH_ID}/


Top level attributes

Name Type Description
id string Global identifier to access the actual resource
name string Name of the batch
description string A short description for the batch. Can be null.
parent string Global identifier to access the parent batch. Can be null.
time_created string Creation time of the batch (ISO Time String)
time_updated string Modification time of the batch (ISO Time String)

JSON Example

The following JSON snippet is showing a batch object.

  "id": "9538e44c-6f30-40b7-8d7c-73bda1d41a9e",
  "name": "Tagesschau Jan-March-2022",
  "description": "List of all Tagesschau videos of January till March 2022",
  "parent": "929a3884-efbb-46a9-af9a-1148753f6803",
  "time_created": "2023-01-23 09:34:31.422000",
  "time_updated": "2023-01-23 09:34:31.422000"