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Indexed Identity Resource


This is an object representing an indexed identity.


GET /v1/index-collection/{COLLECTION_NAME}/identities/

GET /v1/index-collection/{COLLECTION_NAME}/identities/INDEX_ID/

PUT /v1/index-collection/{COLLECTION_NAME}/identities/


Top level attributes

Name Type Description
index_id string ID of the Indexed Identity
label string Label of the Indexed Identity
collection_name string The name of the Index Collection object that the Indexed Identity is stored
thumbnail Thumbnail object Thumbnail of the Indexed Identity

JSON Example

The following JSON snippet is showing an Index Collection object.

    "index_id": "3911163502",
    "label": "Max Mustermann",
    "collection_name": "default_index",
    "thumbnail": {
        "image": "iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUg...",
        "meta": {}