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Dictionary Resource


This is an object representing a text-based dictionary which can be used in Lower-Third Recognition module in order to customize the recognition result.

You can use your own dictionary to detect your custom names.

A dictionary object has a file associated with it. The file must be a text file with one name per line.

The text file can be uploaded by using the POST on /v1/dictionaries endpoint. See an example bellow.


GET /v1/dictionaries/

GET /v1/dictionaries/{DICTIONARY_ID}/

POST /v1/dictionaries/

DELETE /v1/datasets/{DICTIONARY_ID}/


Name Type Description
id string Global identifier to access the actual resource
name string Name of the dictionary (e.g. "My city names")
time_created string Creation time of the dictionary (ISO Time String)

JSON Example

The following JSON snippet is showing a Dictionary object.

   "name":"My city names",
   "time_created":"2020-01-23 09:34:31.422000"

Uploading your dictionary

You can upload your dictionary by using the POST on /v1/dictionaries endpoint and send your file along with the form-data.

There are two form-data fields:

  • file: The actual text file to upload (one name per line)
  • name: The name of the dictionary


curl -H "Authorization: Key {api-key}" -F "name=My city names" -F "file=@{path-to-file-text-file}"