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Export Resource


This is an object representing dump of resources, such as dataset copies. Each export contains one or more artifacts.

You can retrieve it to see the information of the export.


GET /v1/exports/

GET /v1/exports/{EXPORT_ID}/

GET /v1/exports/{EXPORT_ID}/artifacts/

GET /v1/exports/{EXPORT_ID}/artifacts/{ARTIFACTS_ID}/file/


Top level attributes

Name Type Description
id string Global identifier to access the actual resource
strategy string Strategy of export (Available: basic_dataset_export)
state string Status of the export creation (Available: waiting, processing, completed, failed)
progress number The current progress of the export (0.0 - 1.0)
error_msg string Error message while creation of the export. Can be null.
config dict Configuration for the export the export.
time_created string Creation time of the export (ISO Time String)
time_completed string Completion time of the export (ISO Time String)

Export Strategies

Basic Dataset Export (basic_dataset_export)

Basic Dataset Export generates a ZIP archive with class folders containing corresponding samples.

config attributes

Name Type Description
dataset_id string Global identifier to access the dataset

JSON Example

  "id": "26cb5642-bf1e-4ec2-895a-445b19b1f168",
  "strategy": "basic_dataset_export",
  "time_created": "2023-03-15T14:10:27.566567Z",
  "time_completed": "2023-03-15T14:10:28.566567Z",
  "state": "completed",
  "progress": 0.0,
  "error_msg": null,
  "config": {
      "dataset_id": "ae5b8152-e60f-4918-a59e-20e6d875914c"