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TranscriptWord Object

The TranscriptWord is an object representing a single word in a transcript paragraph.

This object contains additional meta data such as the confidence, timecodes and punctuation info.


Top level attributes

Name Type Description
word string The actual word
confidence number Confidence of the word (how probable the word is correct)
time_start number Start time of the word in seconds
time_send number End time of the word in seconds
punctuation Punctuation object Punctuation information of the word. See "Child attributes of punctuation"

Child attributes of punctuation

Name Type Description
sentence_end boolean Indicating if its a sentence terminating punctuation such as ., ! and ?
value string The actual punctuation character (optional)

JSON Example

    "confidence": 0.8257,
    "time_end": 2.04,
    "time_start": 1.5,
    "word": "Tagesschau"

Additional example including the optional punctuation field:

    "confidence": 0.9549,
    "punctuation": {
        "sentence_end": true,
        "value": "."
    "time_end": 3.32,
    "time_start": 2.64,
    "word": "Sekunden."