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Attribute Comparison


GET /v1/knowledge-graph/nodes/{NODE_ID}/attributes/compare/{OTHER_NODE_ID}


An Attribute Comparison object indicates whether a specific node attribute of the first (reference) Node with an ID of {NODE_ID} is also common to the second (query) Node with an ID of {OTHER_NODE_ID}.


Name Type Description
name string Name of the node attribute.
value string / integer / float Value of the node attribute. Attributes of date type are converted to a string formatted as DD.MM.YYYY.
common boolean Flag indicating whether the node attribute is common to the two nodes or not.

JSON Example

The following JSON snippet is showing one of the Attribute Comparison objects for Niki Lauda vs. Michael Schumacher.

    "name": "occupation",
    "value": "Formula One driver",
    "common": true