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Transcript Resource


This is an object representing a transcript generated from a Job that utilized the Speech Recognition module on a video or audio file.

A transcript contains Variants which are different forks of a transcript (e.g. the translation to a different language).

Each Variant can contain multiple Versions. Every time the text is edited a new Version is created. The latest Version is the one that is displayed in the UI which can be changed via the version dropdown.

A Version has the actual text paragraphs.

You can create a transcript from a job by sending a POST request to the /v1/transcripts endpoint with the job_id in the request body:


You can retrieve, create and delete the transcripts via the following endpoints:


GET /v1/transcripts

GET /v1/transcripts/{TRANSCRIPT_ID}

POST /v1/transcripts

DELETE /v1/transcripts/{TRANSCRIPT_ID}


Top level attributes

Name Type Description
id string Global identifier to access the actual resource
job Job The job object from which the transcript was created
source string The media source from which the transcript was created
time_created string Creation time of the transcript (ISO Time String)
time_updated string Modification time of the transcript (ISO Time String)

JSON Example

    "id": "fb39aaa2-df55-4135-8226-114f4e6bbc65",
    "job": {
        "duration": 72.416,
        "errors": [],
        "id": "77f011af-e86c-41b0-8cd4-c23daa2975b2",
        "is_synced_to_kg": false,
        "media_type": "video",
        "modules": {
            "speech_recognition": {
                "detect_silence": true,
                "dictionaries": [],
                "dump_docx": false,
                "dump_srt": false,
                "enable_ner": false,
                "enable_vad": false,
                "language": "auto",
                "merge_voice_gap_seconds": 0.5,
                "mode": "quality",
                "progress": 1,
                "state": "completed",
                "translation_language": "none",
                "underline_words_in_srt": false,
                "vad_threshold": 0.9,
                "word_level_timestamps": false
        "progress": 1,
        "result": {
            "detailed_link": "",
            "summary": [
                    "info": null,
                    "items": [],
                    "media_type": "video",
                    "source": "storage://5icEc9Erf9FbeQFa9wiE"
        "sources": [
        "state": "completed",
        "tag": "",
        "time_completed": "2024-05-03 12:11:19.557000",
        "time_created": "2024-05-03 12:09:15.085000",
        "time_started": "2024-05-03 12:10:07.141000"
    "source": "storage://5icEc9Erf9FbeQFa9wiE",
    "time_created": "2024-05-03 12:12:23.106000",
    "time_updated": "2024-05-03 12:20:36.297000"