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Version Resource


This is an object representing a version of a Variant of a Transcript.

Each Variant can contain multiple Versions. Every time the text is edited a new Version is created. The latest Version is the one that is displayed in the UI which can be changed via the version dropdown.

There is also the possibility to compare the changes between two versions.

You can retrieve it to see the information of the version object.


GET /v1/transcripts/{TRANSCRIPT_ID}/variants/{VARIANT_ID}/versions

GET /v1/transcripts/{TRANSCRIPT_ID}/variants/{VARIANT_ID}/versions/{VERSION_NUMBER or VERSION_ID}

POST /v1/transcripts/{TRANSCRIPT_ID}/variants/{VARIANT_ID}/versions/

DELETE /v1/transcripts/{TRANSCRIPT_ID}/variants/{VARIANT_ID}/versions/{VERSION_NUMBER or VERSION_ID}


Top level attributes

Name Type Description
id string Global identifier to access the actual resource
version integer The actual version number starting from 1 (v1)
time_created string Creation time of the version (ISO Time String)

JSON Example

    "id": "113efa5c-b24f-4ced-b867-0afdbe527f4d",
    "time_created": "2024-05-03 12:06:36.307000",
    "version": 2